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Questions about Owners Access

What benefits do I have as a member of Owners Access?

As a member of Owners Access, you are now eligible for:

  • Professionally trained hospitality agents who are available 24/7 to simplify everyday activities and provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These concierges can help with travel, tickets, access to exclusive venues and events and much more. From picking up dry cleaning to celebrating your 50th anniversary, your concierge is standing by to assist.
  • Easy access to exclusive travel rates including your new Owners Rate (25% off BAR), the Team Member Travel Program and the Hilton Family Rate. Booking is convenient through an exclusive online Owner reservations site.
  • Elite Diamond Honors™status, including 48-hour Guaranteed Reservations.

What are the qualifications for membership in the Owners Access Club?

This unique club recognizes Owners who are majority investors in the Hilton portfolio of brands. A majority investor has an ownership percentage of at least 25% in one hotel, or a combined ownership of at least 50% across our portfolio of brands. If you feel that you qualify for membership in Owners Access and you haven’t heard from us, please apply for membership using this application, or contact Owners Services directly at OwnersServices@hilton.com.

Will this program replace my HonorsTM membership?

As an Owners Club member, you immediately gain Diamond or Gold status in Hilton Honors. Your owners card should reflect the same number as your current Honors card. Diamond and Gold status carries several benefits, such as faster accrual of reward points and other on-property perks. If you would like to merge multiple accounts, please log in to your Honors account at http://www.hilton.com/honors and select "Combine Accounts" under the "My Profile" section. 

You may also call Owner Services for assistance with this (+1 901-374-5608).

Does this program cost money?

No. The Owners Club by Hilton is a complimentary program, created to recognize your contributions to Hilton. We created the Owners Club in response to your requests to have greater access and partnership with the preeminent global hospitality company.

Can my spouse be a member of the Owners Club?

The Owners Club by Hilton was created to be an exclusive service just for you and its benefits are non-transferable. However, your spouse can share in the benefits any time he or she is in your company. Additionally, your access continues to include the Hilton Family Rate which allows you to book discounted travel for family members.

Questions about Concierge Services

What does the concierge service offer?

The professionally trained concierge staff helps you simplify your life by handling a wide variety of tasks. Club members can request a nearly limitless range of services from concierges who are available 24/7. As long as the request is legal, ethical and well-intentioned, your Owners Access team will make it happen.

How do I activate my concierge service?

We encourage you to first register by phone by calling one the regional phone numbers found on the back of your club card. This will allow the concierge team to learn more about your personal preferences and interests. Other alternatives, including an online registration, are part of a future phase rollout. Registration instructions are included in Owners Access Club welcome materials.

Will I be able to redeem Honors™ points through the concierge service?

At this time, you should continue to redeem your Honors points, by visiting the Honors website, instead of through Owners Access. However, plans are in place to offer a wide range of products and services through the concierge service that you can “buy” at a discount using Honors points. See additional details within the Questions about Honors section.

Is concierge service available in my language?

The service is available in 14 different languages. While the phone will always be answered in English, assistance is available should you prefer another language.

Can the concierges assist me with using the airport lounge benefit?

Yes, the concierges can handle all the details of arranging access to airport lounges globally (when available) no matter how long (or short) your layover. You can review the terms and conditions for additional details on this club benefit.

Questions about Honors™

How do I change my username and password?

You can customize your username and password by signing into your Honors account online and clicking on the My Profile section. Please call your concierge if you need assistance.

How do I set up my PIN?

Please visit our Help Signing In page online, or a member of the concierge team can assist you with PIN setup.

How do I replace a lost card?

Contact the Hilton Owner Services team at OwnerServices@hilton.com.

How do I merge multiple accounts?

You can merge multiple Honors accounts by signing into your Honors account online and clicking on the Member Services section. Please call your concierge for assistance anytime.

Make a Reservation

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